Fallout 4
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Texture replacer to turn Scavenged NCR Pants to Jeans.

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Had a couple requests for my denim pants texture in the screenshots from my Hunter's Hood Retex, so here it is.

It simply changes the pants from L0rd0fWar's Scavenged NCR Armor (required) mod from brown to denim texture.  The rest of the armor is mostly unchanged other than I believe I made the knee pads a bit darker to make them stand out better on the new pants texture.  NOTE - The mod author of the original file has since pulled his mods offline everywhere, so this mod will only be helpful to you if you already happen to have it, the link will be dead).

There will be two versions.  The main file is a darker, faded blue jean as I tend to like the dirtier and used look a bit more.  But it doesn't pop much, so the optional file will be an alternate version with a bit more of a brighter tone to them, though they still show a bit of the wear from the original textures.

I did get permission from L0rd0fWar to upload this retexture.  (Thank you)
No permission granted by me to re-upload elsewhere except full permissions to the original mod author L0rd0fWar, who may use this as he sees fit in the future if he wants to offer options or uploads elsewhere.  It's his work after all, all I did was spent a few minutes changing a little texture :)