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Set of sporty underwear coming as standalone and nude replacer, with and without AWKCR, all in 5 color variations.

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Sporty Underwear is a set of bras and panties with a standalone and nude replacer version, with and without AWKCR compatibility.
Made for the CBBE body and includes (optional) support for BodySlide, so you can customize the shape in any way imaginable.

They were originally made by Nezzar84 for Skyrim.
I have asked him for permission to convert them and I'm flattered that he agreed.

Check out the (NSFW) Lacy Underwear mod as well!
Please take screenshots and share them with me/us! ;)

There are 5 color variants
Red, Blue with Yellow, Orange, White, Black

  1. Install CBBE.
  2. Install this mod using a mod manager and follow the installer.
  3. (optional) Install BodySlide.
  4. (optional) Launch BodySlide and choose the underwear standalone and/or nude replacer in the outfit drop down list.
  5. (optional) Choose your preset in the preset drop down list.
  6. (optional) Click the "Build" button to transfer your custom shape into the game.

With the regular plugin, you can craft them at any chem lab for 8x Cloth and 4x Rubber.
With the AWKCR plugin, you can craft them at the armor workbench using the same components.

Obviously you can also just find them in the console with "help Sporty 4".

You can use the underwear as nude replacers as well (not standalone).
For that, you need to build the "Sporty Underwear (Nude Replacer)" set in the BodySlide program.

The separated bra and panty items make use of slot 61 (bra) and slot 58 (panty).
Make sure to build them with a preset that matches the outfit or body you're going to be wearing them with!

The BodySlide project has customized cleavage sliders for a pretty cleavage and comes with a "Remove Bra" and "Remove Panty" zap that you can enable.

Nezzar84 for the original meshes and textures made for Skyrim.
Check out his Tumblr (NSFW) and Flickr (NSFW) profiles!
ousnius (me) for CBBE and BodySlide and this mod.
Caliente for CBBE, BodySlide and helping me fix the bone weight clipping.
dabigpit for getting me to separate the bra and panty, and help with that.
Tools used: Blender 2.7x, Outfit Studio, NifSkope, Material Editor, Photoshop CS6, Intel Texture Works Photoshop Plugin.