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Ellie has had enough of the mess and chaos in the office, so she hired some cleaning service...

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The state of Nick's home has always bothered me. It isn't filled with trash and dead leaves like the rest of the Commonwealth, but it does show tremendous amounts of neglect. Not exactly an office where a self-respecting detective would want to invite potential customers to, is it.

My primary goal for this little mod was to make the place look smoother, cleaner, and more tidy... while keeping its slight film noir vibe.

I switched the old, battered file lockers and desks for their better looking versions, removed most of the redundant plyboards plastered to the walls, and straightened up the crooked paintings. 

Beds look clean and comfortable now, and there is some extra beautification added overall.


Just like with any mod changing the layout of in-game items, it's best to install it on a save where you have not visited Nick's office yet. Otherwise, some items may stubbornly stick to their original positions until the cell resets. It won't break your save or make the game unplayable, but it will look messy.

Make sure to place my mod as low in your load order as possible to prevent other mods from undoing the changes I made.

Navmeshes were moved to work with the added/moved elements. None were deleted, obviously.
All quest-related furniture and markers are untouched. 
The mod was created with the CK and cleaned in FO4Edit.

I play-tested the parts of the main quest that involve Nick and did not encounter any trouble, but it's a Bethesda game engine, so anything is possible. If you have any problems, let me know in the bug section. I will fix them... if I am able.


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