Pacify Overhaul - Nonviolent and Nonlethal Objective Completion by Androl
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Added: 22/06/2016 - 02:11AM
Updated: 26/05/2017 - 03:57AM

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Last updated at 3:57, 26 May 2017 Uploaded at 2:11, 22 Jun 2016

This mod overhauls the way the pacify perks work in Fallout 4.  The goal is to give the player more non-violent options while still keeping the game challenging and balanced.  In addition to some balance adjustments, the biggest thing that sets this mod apart from other mods that modify the Intimidation perk is that it provides a simple non-violent mechanism (banishment) for completing quest objectives to "kill" someone.

Currently the following changes are included:

1) A dynamically calculated chance for the "Pacify" action to work.  Previously, this was always a flat 40% chance.  I've implemented a more complex formula:

% chance = 5 * (PlayerLevel - TargetLevel + PlayerCharisma - 10) + 100 * (1.0 - TargetHealthPercentage)^2 + PerkBonus + SneakBonus

PerkBonus is the bonus from the Black Widow / Lady Killer perks (which originally had numerous bugs that prevented it from working correctly in vanilla), and SneakBonus is a 25% bonus if the player has not been detected by the target.

This percentage is then clamped between 5% and 95%.

2) There is a chance that pacified enemies will start attacking you when you break line of sight with them.  Conversely, there is a chance that when sheathing a weapon, pacified enemies will NOT attack you.  The chance of an attack in either case is the same as the original chance to pacify.

3) For pacified NPCs (i.e. Intimidation perk only) there is now an option to "Banish" them after combat ends.  If this succeeds, the enemy will fade out and be replaced with a dufflebag containing their previously equipped gear.  In terms of role-playing, this can be thought of as an ultimatum demanding that they leave the area or be killed.  This can be used to complete quests that would ordinarily require killing enemies.  If the Banish attempt fails, the target will attack.  The chance of the attempt succeeding is the same as the original chance to pacify.  Banishment awards XP, but generally not as much XP as would be awarded for killing the same enemy.  As of version 0.2.0, if you have the third rank of Intimidation, you will need to "Command" the NPC before you can banish them.  This is necessary due to what appears to be a game engine limitation/bug which caused Command to not work when Banish was an option simultaneously.  For the same reason, the vanilla "Incite" ability is no longer an option outside of combat.  Incite should work as normal during combat.

IMPORTANT - be careful with banishing named NPCs related to quests.  Make a hard save to go back to in case banishing them somehow makes a quest impossible to complete.

4) The timeout after which a Pacify attempt fails has been reduced from 60 seconds to 10 seconds.

5) New in version 0.2.0, if a human enemy is unarmed (due to pickpocketing or another perk) when a pacify effect ends for any reason, they will flee.  Without this change, they would just charge at you with their fists which isn't very realistic human behavior.  This creates some nice synergy between the Pickpocket and Intimidation perks.

This mod has no requirements other than the base game.  It will be incompatible with other mods that change the Intimidation perk, and possibly with any mod that changes Animal Friend or Wasteland Whisperer.  It will also be incompatible with any mod that adds "activate options" (like "Banish") when the player is pointing a gun at an enemy.  It should be compatible with anything else.  Install using Bethesda.net (see links under "Mirrors"), NMM, or manually.  If there are any issues with installation, please post them in the Bugs section.

Version 0.1.3 fixed a bug that caused banished NPCs to become invulnerable upon respawn.  If you have encountered this glitch from using a previous version, it can be fixed by selecting the affected NPC in the console and using the command "setghost 0"

My scripts are included, but I'd appreciate being asked for permission if anyone plans to use any large portions of them on another mod.