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Adds more weight to power armor movement

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After playing game while using power armor, i noticed that walking/running/sprinting sounds doesnt make me feel heavy, this mod fixes that, by adding some weight to vanilla power armor movement.

Thanks to Gopher and UNOG for a review!

(Starts at 7:02)

(Starts at 3:30)

All update log in readme section

Future updates:
More voice/sound variations
Added sounds walking on grass/metal surface


Conflicts with any mod that alters power armor walking, running, sprinting, jumping, UI sounds.
Enclave version conflicts with fast enter/exit mods.

Recommended mods:
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul

How to install:
Use NMM or drag Data file to Fallout 4 directory.

-When equiped with laser musket weapon, you will hear double sound. Its not my mod issue, you can hear that with vanilla sounds too. I'll fix this when geck arrives.
-Missing some sounds walking up/down stairs, not mod problem, mod just makes it notice, game itself doesnt have sounds on certain places.
-When "equiped" bare hands sprint movement speed increases also increase step sounds.

Programs used:


ShinraStrife for fomod tutorial
BLUEZONE for New Sound Effects