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A tree mod that adds trees with leaves including birch trees

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Springtime Trees

Update: This mod can be quite heavy on the system, recommended version is the lightweight version. If it is too heavy, you can install lower resolution textures (2048x1024 instead of regular 4096x2048). 

All textures are now optimized using mipmaps and are now more performance friendly.


This mod adds trees with leaves to the commonwealth. I mainly use green leaves for all textures. And I have put leaves on empty branches from dead trees as well, giving an overall feel of early summer. I have retexture maple trees to be used as birch trees, (not all maple trees are birch trees though, variation is always nice). I have also made use of one of the chargen trees that I retexture to be a birch as well. 

Best used with a grass mod, like Spring in the Commonwealth or Grasslands.


To use this mod as intended, you need to put "bUseCombinedObjects=0" into your fallout4.ini under [General]
Otherwise, you will have a heavily reduced version (what the console version of the mod is). It is still more lush than vanilla, but not as varied and nice trees.


Since it is a simple mesh replacement, and not cell edit, I believe this will cause no instability issues. Although, it will have an performance impact. 
Because I have replaced textures, this mod is not compatible with tree retexture mods. The trunk and the leaves use the same texture file.

To work on:
I will work on improving the different texture files to get more detail on normal maps and specular maps. I'll do so when I feel that I have enough time on my hands.

I will also go through the meshes and sort out and change materials in order to optimize texture use.

I have not been able to do extensive testing, so please do report critical tree placements. Trees are going to clip, but please, do report heavy unimmersion effects or game breaking tree placements.