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PANCAKE POWER!!! This mod adds 06, a Stand-alone Synth follower with Holographic
powers... And an insatiable appetite for pancakes XD REQUIRES CALIENTE'S

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PANCAKE POWER!!! This mod adds 06, a Standalone Gen 4 Synth follower with holographic powers... And an insatiable appetite for pancakes XD REQUIRES CALIENTE'S BEAUTIFUL BODY ENHANCER

Patch 1.6 IS RELEASED!

Patch 1.6 is relessed I added a couple of features.
- Voiced Combat dialogues.
- Expanded Idle Dialogues.
- Unique Romance Option which does not conflict with any other companion romance. Romance is enclosed in a dialogue under this dialogue tree directory: Talk->Talk/Requests->Requests->Romance
- Optional replacement file containing Re-done mature-sounding 06 Dialogues, some lines may be still loli or incorrect according to subtitles.

Unfortunately due to mourning after a loss of a close family member I have to postpone all further progress, patching and development, I'm sorry, but I just can't do it right now.

Patch 1.5 Dialogue Fixes

Patch fixes two issues:
1. Cait is now talk-able after reqruitment, my apologies for that issue.
Now other companions will not speak 06 lines.


This patch adds full voice acting on the part of 06 and the lone survivor, Starring RoulettesPlay as 06 and Galejro's Skype call as Lone Survivor... I mean, seriously I need some better recording stuff XD BIG shoutout to Roulette for lending her voice on this project and her willingness for further co-op. Which leads to the idea that I wish I could do idle dialogues for her, could use some people who could teach me that stuff.

Patch 1.3

Multiple changes and updates since the patch 1.2 release:
- Recalibrated Dialogues - Now they are well sorted, they contain new subjects and options.
- Power Armor Option - 06 can now be asked to get the fudge out of the Power Armor.
- Cooking Requests - 06 Can now cook you up some pancakes and a pie at the cost of some ingredients.
- MELEE WEAPONS - 06 Can now equip herself with holographic melee weapons for the right price.
- Standalone Body Texturing - 06 is now fully standalone as a character, even novice modders can now apply new textures to her, they're named 06Body_ 06Head_ and 06Hands_ in the; Data/Textures/GALEJRO/ directory. This means her white stockings on the screens are standalone and no other female will have them.


1.Go to Diamond City she'll be next to Takahashi's noodle stand, there you can find and recruit her.

3. She should be neutral to all player actions, but if she does react please inform me. I kinda plan for her to have a unique set of likes and dislikes.

4.Standard eq. 06 will come with a basic Holographic gun, 100 ammo, a unique outfit and pancakes XD

5. She's upgradable. When 06 is recruited you can access an upgrade subject where you can purchase armor and weapon upgrades from her at a price.
           - Holographic armor LVL1 (+40Armor Rating) = 10 Fusion Cores
           - Holographic armor LVL2 (+80Armor Rating) = 20 Fusion Cores (Armors do not stack)
           - Holographic Pistol Upgrade (Anew gun 3x Damage) = 10 Fusion Cores + 300 Plasma Cartridges

6. Don't like her face? Eyes scare the crap out of you? When she's recruited you can access her looks editing menu in the dialogue. Optionally if the distance from the face is too uncomfortable you can always open the console, click her and type TAI to freeze her still. Then type TFC to free your view camera and set a comfy distance to edit her face and then type SLM 12002E67 to edit her face.

7. 06 has a limitless supply of pancakes, they heal and cure all addictions. If you run out of pancakes un-recruit her, then talk to her again, before you re-recruit her you'll have an option to ask her for pancakes.


1. When you don't have the ingredients for the gun upgrade and still ask for it the conversation will be cut.

2. Despite efforts eyes, make-up and other face parts don't show in-game as they do in CK. I strongly recommend using the dialog option or console to edit her face in-game.

3. For some reason in dialogues you see 06's face for just a moment, then you have to look at your own face. I believe this could be fixed with actual voice acting & lip syncing... I ain't got the equipment and the gender XD to record those voicesso Maybe a girl out there can help. Voicing would be such a wonderful feature for a patch.

4. She'll steal Power Armors, until I figure out a dialogue option you got 2 ways to kick her out of it:
Option 1. Talk to her and unrecruit her then pickpocket a fusion core from her. It will eject her from the armor.
Option 2. Talk to her and unrecruit her in a settlement, when unrecruiting her send her to the same settlement you are in, she'll automatically eject herself from the armor.


Hair is from [email protected] part from the Miscellaneous hairstyles 1.6 Eye texture was made on the basis of Cathymeow's Super Natural Eye Pack. Big thanks to Caliente for the CBBE, aside from the body base I also used his body as basis for the optional file texture of stockings and freckles on the shoulders.

Other textures and models are my handiwork and those resources you can use as much you please for whatever purposes, just credit me as an original creator. You can upload this mod to other sites, but not to for XBOX I reserve that right to myself.