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A Standalone Retextured Alien Blaster Pistol made to be lore friendly with an included story. The story will help you to find the weapon, the Zetan Impetus, an old Zetan Military variant of the Alien Blaster.

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The Zeta "Impetus" is a retextured standalone variant of the Alien Blaster found in the Vanilla game. The model is suppose to resemble an older version of the weapon possibly used in the Zetan military some time ago. The Zetans are better known as "Aliens" and they are previously featured in past games, DLC, and in Fallout 4 itself. It is placed in the game and can be found by following the clues left in the small story below.

A Zetan family was on their way to a nearby galaxy for a business trip. Their ship became damaged and they were forced to crash land on Earth. The parents of the family died on impact, and the only survivor was their son. He had taken his father's old military pistol and wandered off into the night towards the lights of Diamond City to seek help. The guards were pre-occupied and the gate was left open so he slipped in unnoticed. He came across a playground, within it a small UFO like object, he began to head towards it to investigate, but as he approached a guard spotted him and went after him. The young Zetan ran past the UFO only to trip on the ramp, losing his late father's gun and being tackled by the guard. He was never seen or heard from again, but rumor has it that the grown up Zetan has been spotted with synths near a crash site out in the wilds of the commonwealth.

Installation: Open mod file with Nexus Mod Manager OR Manually Extract files and place in your Fallout 4 Data Folder.