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This mod allows you to execute Synk kill animation(a.k.a Kill move) on all humanoid NPCs (Synth & ghoul)

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Sync Kill Animations for All Humanoid races

This mod allows you to execute melee sync kill animation on (non-feral)ghouls and synths

Sync kill animation is a special animation paired with the target NPC when you execute power attack on enemies when they are almost dead. Simply, Kill move.
It is restricted to be used only on human in Vanilla game although you can find that synths(Gen 1 & 2) and ghouls are sharing the same animation list.
This mod simply modifies the range of restriction to allow it playing on those races.

This mod does not modify frequency or attack power


Fixed the issue where player couldn't execute critical hit in V.A.T.S while equipping melee weapons


Because synths can be dismembered while they are still alive, you will notice that their body parts tear apart while stabbing the chest or neck