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Removes the 9001 meter explosion stagger caused by molotovs.

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Mazel Tov Molotov

This mod lowers the explosion direct damage radius and removes the stagger effect from molotov cocktails. You should now be able to fight raiders without accidentally picking up your keyboard and beating your mother with it. The fire damage and damage over time is unchanged.

First I looked at trying to make people throw grenades less - but all the CombatStyles have Throw set to 0... all of them... So then I said fuck it, and did a little research based on some common sense and probably getting me on a few national security watch lists. Molotovs don't really have that forceful of an explosion. And they sure as hell shouldn't 1 shot you... They are incendiaries, they light shit on fire. They don't explode with the force of a super mutant that ate ten million cans of beans.


Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to any other sites by anyone other than me.

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