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Customize the texture to get your own posters into the game. Up to 10 of them!

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Warning! You need Adobe Photoshop and nVidia DDS plugin in order to make the most out of this mod.
Download the DDS plugin at:

Have you always wanted to get your own posters into the game, but the Creation Kit just seems way too overly complicated and cumbersome to use?
Then this is a solution for you. By editing just one file, you can get up to 10 custom posters to place in your settlements, without ever opening the CK.

Open the file "1Dr_YWS_Posters.psd", under "Data/Textures/YourWS/".
Insert your pictures into the appropriate layer folders and move them to align with the blue box.
Edit the Alpha channel to reduce or increase the wear and tear of the posters, if desired.
“Save as” and overwrite the file "1Dr_YWS_Posters.dds" under "Data/Textures/YourWS/" as "DXT3   ARGB   8 bpp | explicit alpha".

Once you have actived the mod in your game or NMM, you will find the items in the workshop menu under:
Decorations -> Wall Mounted -> Signs

Material requirements:
Poster - 2 Cloth