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Adds a craftable equipment item that can be worn with anything that enables toggleable night vision with 4 levels of brightness and targeting sensors that highlight enemies friendlies and dead bodies in different colors. Night vision, highlighting and dead body highlighting can all be toggled off and on with special craftable items you can hotkey. There is also an option to have highlight active only when your weapon is drawn.

With science 3 you can go to a chem station and craft yourself a Hightech Vision Kit along with the toggle items. Put the hightech vision kit on and use the special toggle items to switch the modes on and off. There is a power armor version as well, just craft the Hightech Power Armor Vision Kit and put it in a set of power armor the same way you would put other pieces on and you can use it the same way as the normal version. There is also a settings holotape that you can craft at the chem station to switch to alternate colors and choose the night vision modes.