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Makes Home Plate into a sweet crash pad, adds it to the Supply Routes and allows Companions to be sent there.

Permissions and credits

After some soul searching and consideration, I have decided to stop modding and playing Bethesda games for the foreseeable future. Other people can do as they see fit. This is my own decision. My mods are all now officially community resources. Do with them as you want. (Read permissions for exceptions)


This is an overhaul of the Player Home in Diamond City, aka Home Plate. The interior has been reworked, and the home now behaves just like any other settlement. You can send Companions and NPCs there and add Home Plate to the supply chain. The home is now full of custom paintings, pictures, posters and much more, but almost everything can be scrapped directly via Workshop Mode or indirectly via the Workshop Stacking system, which basically means if an object is sitting on something that gets deleted, then it too gets deleted. There is also a short backstory on the terminals in the form of a journal that the previous owners left. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Main Features

  • Companions and NPCs can be assigned to Home Plate

  • Custom Paintings, Pictures and Posters

  • Custom Bunk Beds, Player Bed and Dogmeat Bed

  • Custom Stove and Refrigerator

  • Partially-finished basement with Green House, Generator and Water Pump

  • Armor, Weapon, Chemistry, Scavenger and Power Armor Stations

  • Two Working Sinks and a Shower that cures Rads and raises Happiness

  • Static decorations 

Fallout 4

Installation:   NMM

Uninstallation: NMM

Notes, Warnings and Bugs

Any mod that alters, modifies, or makes changes to Diamond City Market might override the Map Marker data for Home Plate and break the settlement features. This means when you try to send Companions or NPCs there, they will just stand still like morons. 

The cage lights on the ceiling above the power armor stations are indeed scrappable but do not have the proper collisions to make it easy to highlight them in workshop mode. Their collisions need to modified. 

The Television in the basement does not work unless you mess with it in Build Mode. I.E. Select it and deselect it, or move it. I don't know why this is. I've looked at other Televisions in other settlements, but I cannot figure out what makes them able to be activated by default. 

Credits & Acknowledgements

Akarnan's Build Your Own Pool assets and collaboration for the working shower.
Caraland77's Military Bed Blanket retexture for the custom bunk beds.

Most of the base images for the paintings and posters were pulled from google. I assume that means they are in the public domain. Please message me if I am mistaken or need to credit someone. 

The picture of the girl above the diner booth is my sister. She passed away in 2016, and it seemed like a nice gesture to put her picture in the mod. 

Tools used


Creation Kit
Outfit Studio
Material Editor
Photoshop CC 2015


Anything other than the chemical shower assets and the military bed blanket textures are to be considered Nexus resources. They can be used on the Nexus for any non-commercial purpose. If you want to use Akarnan's or Caraland77's stuff, you will need to contact them.