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Adds a katana to the game called Tsuki no hana (moon blossom)

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Version 1.5
Corrected an issue with the black and white katana not having correct textures.

version 1.4
Added new colors to the legendary form for the katana. You can now change the colors of the ito (handle wrapping) and the samegawa (stuff
under the wrapping). The ito can now be black, blue, brown, red, and white. The samegawa can now either be black or white. Each upgrade does
still cost one fusion core. For this I am sorry but I have not yet figured out a way to make a mod rely on another mod.

version 1.3
Fixed the tanto upgrade so it no longer says removes rust from katana. Also, you can now craft the sword set into a placeable item in your home. Removed some files in the mod that didn't need to be there to clean up the files.

In this version, I have added two new weapons to go along with the katana. I have added a wakizashi and a tanto. I have also added the swords to the players prewar home. So after you exit the bathroom from making your character you can see these bad boys displayed on a rosewood sword stand. After you exit Vault 111 and you return to the players prewar home you will find all three swords on the dresser in the master bedroom on the same sword stand. Though as before its been 200 years and the swords and the stand could use some TLC. It's up to you to restore these beautifully crafted blades back to their legendary status.

I have now updated this mod and is now a completely standalone sword. The mod adds a katana sword to the players home as before and it is in poor rusted condition. This sword belonged to the player before the bombs hit and were once a legendary katana. Now after 200 years its an old rusted sword. There are now restoration upgrades that the player can do to restore the sword to its former glory. Each restoration can be done at a weapon work bench. Each restoration cost some materials and a level of blacksmithing. Each time the player adds a restoration upgrade the sword will change in damage and in appearance. The first one is at level 1 just removes the rust from the blade to allow for more damage. Next, at blacksmithing level 2, the sword blade is honed to remove all the pitting to give a sharper edge and the fittings are replaced. Finally, at level 3 blacksmithing the blade is fully polished to return the sword to its legendary form. In the legendary from it does the legendary damage, legendary bleed, and armor penetration. The final form does require a fusion core.  

Small fixes to note in the update. 
1. Changed out the habaki (blade collar) textures and normals on the 3rd and 4th version
2. Changed the spec map on the tsuba (sword guard) to make it less shiny. 
3. Add four texture sets to change the look of the sword as you upgrade it. 
4. Up the damage just a little bit. I found myself dying a lot as I tried to engage stronger enemies so I added 5 damage to the base model to help balance it.

Would really like feedback from people on the damage as I do not know what is a good balance point. Any and all comments are welcome.

Please endorse if you like this mod.  
Please feel free to upload your screenshots of your character with the sword. 

Q: Can you make the sword two handed as all katanas are two handed?
A: No I will not make the sword two handed. As it is true most katanas are meant to be used with two hands they are still wieldable with one. I hate the two-handed sword animation and I will not be adding it to my sword. I am working on a new animation for the sword that looks more like a person swinging a sword rather than a bat but it's slow going as I have to do it in a program that I am not familiar with.

Q: Why can't I find the sword anywhere any why are the upgrade paths not working?
A: More than likely you have another mod that is conflicting with mine. You can uninstall it and reinstall it. Make sure that dogmeat didn't pick it up. I have also been told that AWKCR sometimes causes the sword upgrade paths not to work. The best solution that people with this problem came up with is, turn off the AWKCR mod, upgrade your sword then turn it back on.

Q: Can you make this mod work with visible weapons?
A: No. I do not have the time to figure out how to put armor into this game. If you like you can ask the mod author of that mod to apply it to my sword. Or you can do it yourself.

If you are using the old version please uninstall it before you install the new version in the NMM or you can also just delete the blossom katana esp file.
Just uploaded this mod to for xbox1 11Aug2016

This is my very first mod. So I hope that I did everything correctly and I have tested it out. The sword works fine for me and I do not know of any bugs or issues with the sword. 

This being my first mod I have had lots of help and want to thank everyone that has helped me. 
Special thanks to the following people for helping me above and beyond normal help.