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Do you like being Fast?

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This item is a kind of injection that slows time and slows everyone but still, you are faster than them.
The appearance looks like PsychoJet and the effect is like Jet. There is no addiction chance or possibility.

Real Quicksilver (version 3.0):
Adds Time In A Bottle song so you may hear it for 40 seconds.
Increases the duration of effects to 40 
Slows the time even more (more than vats) like the one you have seen in the movie "Days of Future Past".

Quicksilver mod will make you run even faster and slows the time even more (thanks alot for the video, with10cubes).

Effects: (30 Seconds)
Fortify Action Points
Fortify Damage Resistance
Legendary Double Damage
Bloody Mess Nearby Explosion
Slow Time Jet

When using this, the chance of Bloody Mess Explosion is high so you can enjoy watching the body parts flying in the air before they hit the ground.
I prefer Shotgun with it.

How to craft? (Under CHEM LAB)
2 Stimpaks
1 Psycho
5 jets
3 Cracked Deathclaw Eggs

Or you can press ~ and type: Player.additem 12000800

This item is standalone and supports sounds.

I will be happy to know about your feed backs.

Made with FO4edit.

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