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Boston Ivy, in a variety of colours. So Immersive.

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While there is already a wonderful ivy mod out there, this one has BOSTON ivy for all your immersion needs...

It is possible to use both this mod and Delightful Ivy, as there are two ivy types in the game. The more common:


And the less common:


This means that you can make the first 3 files be from one mod and the last 3 files be from the other (or use 2 colours from the same mod) if you can be bothered manually moving files around...

This was created to supplement Seasons, however, Seasons is currently hidden due to mod thieves making shoddy console ports without permission.

I would have loved to have these as 4K images in my game, but they have a huge fps hit - at least for me. My working files are mostly 4K so a 4K optional update is not an impossibility for the future. As it is now, DNS files are all 2K, which is close to vanilla for the sake of performance.

I'm willing to make a few extra colours if anyone has a very special request. I also have a few unused colours that I haven't uploaded that may be worth adding when I get the chance. Personally, I think the brown is revolting, but someone always has to worry about plants not being dead, so to those people? Here, have a blasted vine :P My game in currently coming up to the end of Summer so I have Drab Green installed, myself - and looking forward to Russet for Autumn.

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