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Changes the script that runs when you exit Vault 111 to set timescale to 6 instead of 20

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Sometimes when I start a new character I forget to change the timescale to my preferred value of 6, in previous games you could change it in a plugin, but because Bethesda set it to be zero until you leave Vault 111 that won't work. So instead I've edited the script that runs when you ride the elevator up out of the vault to set timescale to 6 instead of 20.

For those that don't know – Timescale affects how quickly time passes in the game.
e.g. with the vanilla value of 20, for every minute of real world time, 20 minutes pass in the game.

Compatiblility: I'm guessing it won't work with alternate start mods

NOTE: Just in case it's not clear, this mod only affects characters that haven't left Vault 111 yet. If you're already in the wasteland just use the console command: Set Timescale to 6 (or another value). Or use another mod that allows you to change the timescale ;-)

NOTE 2: Values of timescale lower than 6 have been reported to cause issues (with things like NPC schedules and quests)


Also available on Beth.net: PC, XBone, PS4


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