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Draco's Leveled Npc's enemies
That Levels all enemies to around your player level. Making the game alot harder and keeping the challenge in the game. 

Currently this is a WIP on getting all enemies to level. Right now it covers most of them. Waiting on Feedback.

Permissions and credits
New Update --- I merged all esps into a esm. I need feedback if making the plugin a esm fixes reported issues in bugs.

New Optional file - To make game harder and reduce npc's Health some. Basically, Edits health gained from npc levels as well as your health and makes limb damage more immersive.

 Old Warning {Waiting on Feedback}-
Use at your own risk. This mod tries to edit all actors to scale to players level. However, as I added more actor it became apparent that the game engine couldn't handle that without drop FPS in npc heavy areas and some people report CTD due to this. I still use fine but, I have a very strong pc. I had hoped to find a fix by now but, at this point I am unsure I will ever find one. Sadly, I also have a very limit scripting knowledge so I may not be able too fix. Trying a fix now changing the plugins to esm all in one. I will also be changing permissions so anyone can continue my work as long as they credit me for original mod and do not make money from it. I also want to know so I can use the mod lol. Just send me message you do not need to wait for my reply.

Draco's Leveled Npc's enemies is a simple plugin made in the creation kit 2.0 and using Fo4edit due the fact the creation kit 2.0 crashes when I go to edit actors. Ahh Bethesda.

This mod Levels all enemies to around your player level. Making the game a-lot harder and keeping the challenge in the game.  

Currently, this is as complete as I am can make it. Due game limits it seems when I go to make all of them scale the engine starts to break. This version I use safely in my game with no issues. So I have to accept this as good as I can get it for now. Covers almost the complete game but you will see some that do not level.

Optional Mod to enhance you game experience:
Link Npc Level Scaling by Genamine is Another mod that levels some npcs and makes game harder. I use this mod to enhance gameplay even more. Just load after mine to get more. As my mod levels named npc's and randoms. Gemamine's mod only levels random ones.

May need to do or may not.
Note: If you use a existing character you need to wait 24 or whatever your re-spawns are set too for it to take effect is what I just learned.     
BTW, copypasting from the old mod description page, there's a way to force a global respawn of enemies in all cells except the one you are in. And if the mod is enabled they will respawn at your level!

So go in an indoor cell with a bed or a chair, like your house in diamond City, and then:

<< Option 2 Using the Console >>
1. open console
setgs iHoursToRespawncell 3
3. press enter and type now:
setgs iHoursToRespawncellCleared 3
4. press enter again
5. Wait at least 6 hours (Just to be safe.)
5.1. You can wait, when you go to bed or sit on something(Chair etc.)
6. type: 
setgs iHoursToRespawncell 168
7. press enter and type now:
setgs iHoursToRespawncellCleared 480
8. done

Thxs ygolnac

If you use mods that add more npcs they will not scale only the default ones.  Same going if you use a mod that edits actor data. If you use other mods that edit actors load them after this to gain those edits over these.

Special Thx to ENEMIES LEVEL now SCALE in all zone (early-late game) by xcloudx. I used his plugin as a reference. It took hours but I think I got it we will see tho testing now.  Credit goes to xcloudx

Please show your support for this mod by endorsements.
 I will never ask for a donation or charge. I just ask for endorsements and comments to keep me going. lol