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A 'Gen 3' Nick mod based on Humphrey Bogart.

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Ever since using Nick as a companion I've always imagined pre-war Nick to look like Humphrey Bogart, and upon learning that no-one had done it before hand I set about making this Bogart inspired 'Gen 3' Nick. Needless to say this mod isn't very lore friendly, Nick will still refer to himself as if he was his old Gen 2 self (Obviously) and will play his occasional screw driver to the wrist idle.

Important note

The appearance of your Nick will entirely depend on what texture mods you have installed, the main example screenshots supplied are with vanilla textures, however there are also some screenshots with some reccomended mods which I will link at the bottom of this description.


Pick your main file of choice (Refer to the screenshots when choosing). You have the choice of Gen 2 eyes, Human eyes, and optional stubble.
Once you've decided simply download with NMM, activate, and say hello to your new found noir Nick.

To uninstall simply disable the .esp file, Nick should return to his normal Gen 2 self (IMPORTANT: Remove any clothes you have equipped Nick with before you uninstall otherwise you may be stuck with a... *ahem* Nude Nick)


This mod will obviously be incompatable with anything that alters Nicks race.
Should be compatable with Shadowslasher410's Nick Valentine Romance, which I highly reccomend to any toaster huggers.

Recommended mods

These are the mods present in the screenshots labeled 'Recommended mods':
Natural Face by Avallonkao (Try the Male Alternative files for a younger looking Nick)
Vivid Eyes by Xenius (For Human eyed Nick)
Valentine Reborn by 83Willow (For Gen 2 eyed Nick)
Valentines New Trench Coat by Mayhemist92 (Make sure to grab the standalone version and not the replacer!)


Bethesda for making Fallout 4 and the CK
Whoever the hell discovered Tea for keeping me sane over the course of screaming at the CK
Meatman for putting up with my constant inane ramblings (You da MVP)
Kudos for whomever gets the title reference