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Add a voiced companion with 320 dialogue files to your game. She can talk a lot according to the surroundings and player's actions. The dialogues will change according to the relationship.

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A beautiful tough girl like a rose watered by blood in the wasteland

For now, most of the new companions in other mods don't talk or just talk few. So I made this mod for all of you. (I'm glad there're more and more companion mods with voice come up! Cheers!) I've picked a bunch of files from Piper's voice and added them to (If this phrase makes some people confused, I'm sorry about that. English is not my first language, my words may be misunderstood.) use them for Blood Rose's. There are 320 voice files in this mod. I also made a tuned voice version, so Blood Rose can have her own voice which isn't the same as Piper's.

Listen to the demos of Blood Rose's voice:
Click & listen: Tuned voice version
Click & listen: Piper's original voice version

Don't worry about Blood Rose calling you Blue or other weird things, because these files have been carefully selected, making sure Blood Rose can talk a lot and doesn't have other's "personality" at the same time.

Talk in various scenes
- Just like other companions in original game, Blood Rose can talk a lot. It depends on player's action and the surroundings, e.g. while you looting, jumping from high, being exposed in the open, entering a building which is in a mess and so on.
Never talk too much
- She never repeat lines over and over around you like the vanilla companions in game.
Affinity System
- The dialogues will change according to the relationship between you and Blood Rose. You will get a new perk if Blood Rose idolizes you.
- If you want to know what Blood Rose like or hate, figure it out in game. ;) I don't want to reveal too much.

As a settler woking for you
- Blood Rose can do any work assigned by you in workshop mode.
Compatible with Power Armor
- Blood Rose can wear a Power Armor and exit from it following your order.
Able to equip any weapons, armors or clothes
- Blood Rose can equip any weapons, armors or clothes. Check her inventory and give items to her.
Compatible with the mod Everyone's Best Friend
- Blood Rose cares about Dogmeat! There are several special dialogues with Dogmeat which have been abandoned by Bethesda.
Beautiful appearance
- Of course!

[Highly Recommended Mods]
These mods are not reuqired. But if you want Blood Rose looks like the one in my pictures, you need to install the following mods:

If you want Blood Rose EXACTLY looks like the one in my pictures,  you also need these mods:

[Before Installing]
If you want the hairstyle in my pictures, choose the MiscHairstyle version while installing. It requires MiscHairstyle 1.6 - you can find it on Tumblr. Just google it!

But you can also choose the vanilla hairstyle version instead while installing.

Use any mod manager supporting FOMOD Wizard to install.

For new hand, some preparations need to be done before installing, here's a tutorial: Fallout 4 Mod Installation

[Where to Find Her]
You can find Blood Rose to the northwest of Abernathy Farm. The pictures in IMAGES tab on this page may help you find the position.

[Update From version b1.3 or Lower]
(People who are using version b1.4 or higher don't need to do the following, you can update directly.)

If you are using version b1.3 or lower, please read the following before updating. Otherwise, Blood Rose will become a puppet and never talk to you.

Due to the change of spawn point (to avoid cell reset issue caused by some other mods) in version b1.4, please follow the steps to update:
    1. Make sure all the items you gave to Blood Rose are moved out from her inventory. Then save game.
    2. Uninstall the old version of this mod. Then make a clean save without Blood Rose in your game.
    3. Install the newest version, enter game, load the clean save you made in step 2, and then find Blood Rose at the new spawn point.

If you want to recover the affinity value after uninstall, some console codes may help you:
    Before uninstalling the old version
     - Open console. Click on Blood Rose. Enter 'getav ca_affinity'. Then you will get the affinity value. Remember the value.
    After installing the new version
     - Open console. Click on Blood Rose. Enter 'setav ca_affinity <the value> '. Then the value will recover.

[The Invisible Issue]
If you are using the mod "MiscHairstyle with Physics", there's something wrong with the nif file of ciri hairstyle in this mod. That will make Blood Rose invisible.

So please select option "vanilla hairstyle" while installing.

Or you can manually replace the nif file of ciri hairstyle with the original one in "MiscHairstyle1.6".
The location is "Data\meshes\actors\character\characterassets\Hair\MiscHairstyle\CiriF.nif".

[About Console]
If someone is willing to upload and maintenance this mod on console, PM me and get my permission. And then you can share this mod on

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