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Sick of playing at 12 FPS? THIS is your solution! Huge FPS boost, decrease lag massively. Removes most trees from Fallout 4. Meant for lower end PCs.

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Sick and tired of playing Fallout 4 at 12 FPS? Lower textures still not cutting it for you? This mod will solve your problems in a major way. With this mod, you'll gain lots of frames with minimal negative effects on your experience. 

Installation: Put into your "Data" folder in Fallout 4, then activate it on your
load order.

Uninstallation: Simply delete or remove it from the "Data" folder

To remove grass (like in the photos): Once in Fallout 4, press "~" key, then type "tg"

To re-enable grass: repeat, or restart game.


DISCLAIMER: I didn't edit any LODs, so you will still see distant trees, but they'll simply vanish as you get near. This isn't a bug, I'm just not that experienced with modding, as this is my first published mod.

This mod has made Fallout 4 playable for me, so I'm just hoping I can help other people too!

Thank you everyone for all of the endorsements! I hadn't realized how important this mod is for some people! Thanks for the support!