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This mod aims to add more interactive items to your workshop menu.

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This mod aims to add more interactive items into your workshop menu. For now this mod adds:
 - prewar cooking stove, works as a cooking station.
 - postwar cooking stove in 5 colors, works as a cooking station.
 - working postwar and prewar stereo.
 - prewar radio, works as a normal radio.
 - prewar refrigerator, works as a container.
- postwar refrigerator in 5 colors, works as a container.
- prewar and postwar variant of television from the game trailer.
- working barber chair.
- nice federalist couch
 - not broken dressers
- fixed wet bar
- bunk bed
 - double bed
- a terminal for playing holotapes
 - working surgery chair
- working sink
- working toilet
 More items will be added in future updates.
Update 1.1
Added a few cars, some kitchen cabinets and the settlers can now be assigned to stoves and beds and also
the beds now count as beds in settlements.

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