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  1. falloutkid12
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    Thank you all for using my fix!

    A quick heads up: There is a very high chance that if you've made a mod using F4Edit before the launch of the CK, it has removed two very important data entries on the Commonwealth Worldspace, thus causing the vertibird bug. Double check your plug ins and update your F4Edit, as these two entries are not in older versions of F4Edit. Make sure the "Max Height Data" and "World Default Level Data" entries have something in them. This will prevent your mod from causing the bug.
  2. Sugram
    • member
    • 412 posts
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    does this work with any personal Vertibird mod or just with the 1 called personal Vertibird ?

    also does this mod fix the issue Vertibird landing trough player made buildings roof/floor, like when i make 3 story building & landing zone to the roof it lands trough the roof & ends up inside the building, dose this mod fix this issue? i want rooftop landing but cant cause the dumb thing end up in my house that usually is final floor if its a small settlement where i half to build bit higher then usual

    i was reading & u have just 1 dlc what about nuka world?
  3. natezomby
    • supporter
    • 210 posts
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    @falloutkid12 I "made" a simple ESL plugin replacer to save space on my mod list (just changed it in the Creation Kit into an ESL from an ESP). It's right here if anyone wants to use it or if you would like to add it as a download here. I will remove it if you don't want it up, let me know.

    It is for the Far Harbor inclusive version.

    - Removed pending permission.
  4. archerarcher
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  5. coolpro2010
    • member
    • 679 posts
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    there should be a altitude fix for Nuke World
  6. TheLoneWolf093
    • member
    • 164 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Great Mod any chance for a merged version ?
  7. Metalunacy
    • member
    • 131 posts
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    We just flew through a skyscraper while en route to the Prydwen from Cambridge Police Station. I didn't have this mod installed, but I checked with xedit and the last plugin that touches the Commonwealth worldspace did have both the relevant entries forwarded. What gives?
  8. Yellowbeard77
    • member
    • 129 posts
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    Kudos....perfect fix....although the mass fusion building was clipped...just by a few feet....the pilot started pulling up....but it 'seemed' as though it was just a last minute adjustment....all view distances besides grass are at full btw. Thanks again!
  9. MaNTeLoFTBeRiaN
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    Can you make a quick update ? or tell me how to locate the mods that's causing weird landing sequences. flying is fine but pilots seems to be drunk when landing... "quick edit: take offs are fked up too"
  10. archerarcher
    • premium
    • 1,807 posts
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    What records exactly have you altered? I'm asking this because I see no differences between your esp's and the vanilla fallout4. esm and all the DLC esm's.

    Seems the mod is obsolete as long no other plugin causes the bus as you describe in the sticky?
    1. ravayen
      • member
      • 232 posts
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      clear example of someone not reading the mod description.

      It very clearly states that some mods (quite a few from my 140) remove vital world data and this merely replaces it I.E. would be identical to fallout.esm just overrides AFTER those mods to put it back in.
    2. archerarcher
      • premium
      • 1,807 posts
      • 27 kudos
      No no, sir!

      Your mod is loaded last, absolutely!

      I'm in XEdit and try to investigate what exactly you've edited so I am able to merge your mod into my final patch.
  11. fatherjimbo
    • member
    • 172 posts
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    This mod causes BOS to go hostile randomly while I'm flying in one of their vertibirds. Doesn't make sense but I am 99% sure it's this mod as I can easily replicate the issue while it is installed but once I uninstall it it cannot be replicated.