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About this mod

An overhaul project for bottles' label : Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Wines, Vodka, Water, Beer and Milk.

Permissions and credits

Description :

Most of label textures for bottles are pretty poor, so I started to make some HD and detailed ones.

When originals textures are 1024px, I create new ones at 4096px. when original are 512px, I create new ones at 2048px. (and I provide 4k to 1k versions).

I make specular and normal texture only when I am thinking they are needed.

Since v0.9, all files are included in a FOMod installer containing all files (mains and optionals).

Feature :

For now, the new labels textures are   (I will update the graphic description later for v0.9.1):

Installation :

a link explaining how to Install Manually.

Most easy way is to use NMM.

In game label maps are 1024Px,  I suggest you try the 2k versions.

Reviews :

Review from 0.1 version of this mod on gamewatcher

And on youtube, review for version 0.1 by NarwhalBacon

Revision :

v0.9.1 :
  • Add choice for prewar texture : you can choosee dirty ones.
  • Add dirty texture for purified water.

v0.9 :
  • Adding a FOMod installer.
  • Update of prewar liquors and wine textures.
  • Huge Update of liquors and wines post wars textures, and offering 2 textures : Light dirty or heavy dirty
  • 2 more optionals beer textures

v0.8 :
  • adding texture for Bobrov's best moonshine.

v0.7 :
  • adding texture for dirty water.
  • adding texture for "Montressor" Wine
  • add a "Vanilla size" texture pack

v0.6.b :
  • Replace the 2K version of milk label included in 0.6 version by 1k version

v0.6 :
  • new version for purified water and milk bottle, the first one are still available as optional files.

v0.5 :
  • New label for clean water
  • Adding 2 label for milk bottle (including a pre war one)
  • Those 2 files are early first draft, I will make big chnage on them soon

v0.4 :
  • Rum texture is less saturate and more dirty
  • Adding a label for beer (2 versions a green for lagger and brown for stout), The green one is included in main file, for brown one, you have to take the optional file. Beer in gale are 512Px only, so i Just propose 2K version, I think it's far enough. There is also a specular map for beer.

v0.3 :
  • Adding a firstLabel¬† version for Rum.

v0.2 :
  • Wine : orthography correction from "vinery" to "winery", and adding "Merlot, as vanilla version.
  • Whisky : name of provider and year of etablishment bigger. Change year of etablishment to 1798, as vanilla version
  • Vodka : texture fit better to shapes of the label, and change "russian vodka" from white to black.

v0.1 :
  • First textures for Bourbon, Vodka, Wine and Whisky.

Future update :

  • Texture corrections and improvment
  • Adding soon some more Labels (which ones I will found.. as rum, beer etc.... )
  • maybe specular and normal map

How to remove manually the texture ? :

To remove Bourbon, whiskey, rum, wine and vodka texture :
Go to your "Data/setdressing/playerhouseclutterclean" folder and remove those files :
bottlelabels01_d.dds, bottlelabels01prewar_d.dds, bottlelabels02_d.dds

To remove Beer texture :
Go to your " Data/setdressing/" folder and remove those files :
GlassBeerBottle01_d.dds, GlassBeerBottle01_s

To remove clean water texture :
Go to your " Data/setdressing/FoodAndFoodWare" folder and remove those files :
WaterPure_d.dds, WaterPure_s.dds

To remove milk bottle texture :
Go to your " Data/props/MilkBottle" folder and remove those files :
MilkBottle_d.dds,MilkBottle_s.dds,MilkBottle_n.dds, MilkBottlePrewar_d.dds, MilkBottlePrewar_n.dds, MilkBottlePrewar_s.dds

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