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Based on a request I've seen floating around. Attempts to make the eyebot scavenger pod from Automatron actually useful by making it possible to find shipments of the target component. NOW also adds NEW COMPONENTS for your eyebots to find!

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We've all been there. Send out an eyebot pod, head to the target location thinking 'oh man no way my little robot friend will be wasting my time, right?' Fight your way through an entire building full of super-mutants only to find that your little loyal robot buddy sent you out after one roll of duct tape and a bottle of wonderglue.


Well, no more, says I.

This is based loosely on More Ammo from Eyebot Pods, more specifically on a request I saw floated in the comment thread for it, and thought 'hey, that can't be too hard, I should just do that.' So I did.

For the technical sort among you, this edits the quest entries for the eyebot resource gathering missions and points them to new leveled lists based on the old ones, but where, instead of finding 'one adhesive' resource of the like, you might find a shipment of 25, or, in cases where a larger shipment exists in the game, you might find that as well (there's a sublist that randomizes between the smaller or larger shipment, in these cases; it only tends to affect things like aluminum). The only vanilla lists I've edited are the ones exclusively used by the eyebot pods, which were added in the automatron DLC. No basegame lists are changed, so your odds of finding stuff when you're not using an eyebot to scout remain unaffected.

The number of rerolls on a given leveled list are unchanged; it's just that you have a chance of finding something really decent now. And more importantly, it makes eyebots a valid alternative resource gathering tool, letting you find actual significant amounts of what you're looking for without having to fiddle around with trade routes or vendor patterns or all that other stuff that I mostly can't be bothered with.

You're still not guaranteed, however, that your little eyebot buddy won't ping you on two aluminum cans and waste everyone's time - it's just more of a fringe case than the most likely outcome now.

This version doesn't touch the eyebot ammo gathering quests, so expect those to remain frustrating unless - well, do as I do, I guess. I'm using the changes from the above linked mod by noko1992 for the moment, with this loaded after it. I might tweak those later after I decide on my own approach.

For the less technical: this should make using eyebot pods actually rewarding and worth keeping around, as opposed to leaving you debating whether or not to scrap the pod launcher.

I consider this a quality of life tweak, but your milage may vary.

Made with FO4Edit, cleaned to ensure no identical records, yadayadayada. This requires the Automatron DLC, because otherwise you don't have eyebot pods scavenging for you and you have no idea what I'm talking about.

As of version 1.3, this now additionally adds EVEN MORE possible crafting components for your eyebot to search for! Just head over to the eyebot pod terminal, and send your new best friend out to find: 

  • Asbestos (1.3)
  • Cloth (1.2)
  • Gold (1.2)
  • Lead (1.3) (by request)
  • Steel (1.3) (by request)
  • Rubber (1.3)

Enjoy your now-useful robot buddies!


Testimonials from Satisfied Users

"Awesome mod! Really does not get the credit it deserves. Should be on the short list for "Required mods for automatron"" --Templar707

"Fantastic mod, absolutely lives up to its name. Eyebot pods certainly are worthwhile now!" --LittleRaven

"additionally id like to add that i refused to use eyebots b4 this mod. waste of time entirely. now i am running 2 at a time and its another way for me to inject some life into f4 after 600+ hours, level 250" --JohnShaft

"I wanna buy this modder a diamond ring for making this. A diamond ring so huge that he or she will find it better to just carry the damn thing in their hand.

Finding stashes of nuclear material good. Finding stashes of SHIPMENTS of nuclear material best!" --The Whackmiester

Long Term Goals
  • Fine tune balance as/if needed based on user feedback (greater or lesser chance of a big score? Is it just right as is?)
  • If possible, add more things eyebots can scout for. No guarantees of this yet, but I'd like to find out if it can be done. Confirmed!
  • BA2 pack the script; port to Xbone and PS4