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Simply makes sure that all the unique npc vendors you can get can only be killed by you.

Permissions and credits
A longer description, this mod makes sure all tier 4 vendors listed below are at least protected status.

I made sure that;
The Scribe
Doc Anderson
Ann Hargraves
Ron Staples
Vault-Tech Rep
Holt Combes
Smiling Larry

Protected status means that you and only you can kill them. Beth did a fairly lousy job with the tier 4 vendors, some of them were already protected or even essential, while others were neither. I got ticked off when I saw a unique vendor get murdered by a bloodbug before I could recruit him.

Side notes: npcs like the brahmin seller and dog seller in vanilla are already protected. Far harbor, the super mutant that sells critters is also already protected. Just incase if anyone is concerned about those npcs. Lord knows, with some spawn increasing mods things can get a tad hectic.

Change log:
1.2 -- Added Sheffield to protected status.