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An Holotape that gives you the ability to move your perk points and your SPECIAL points. (It's NOT a cheat!!!)

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- Overview -
This mod gives you the chance to change your mind (as any RPG should have) and reassign your perk points or SPECIAL points.
Load the new Respec Holotape in your PipBoy or in any Terminal that can load holotapes and Enjoy the Magic!
When you remove a Perk or a SPECIAL, you gain a Mind Point!
Mind Points can be spent to add any other Perk or SPECIAL you want! But keep in mind, you can only assign perks that you could normally have access, here some examples of what you cannot do:
You can NOT assign Basher Rank 3 Perk, if you have less than 9 in strength, less than 43 player level and if you dont have Barsher Rank 2 Perk.
You can NOT lower your Intelligence, if you have 5 intelligence and you have also any Rank of Scrapper Perk.
This is why this mod is NOT a cheat, you must follow the normal gamplay rules!!!

- Installation -
option 1: Use NMM
option 2: Unpack the archivie inside the Data folder

- Uninstallation -
Ensure to spend all your Mind Points and save the game before uninstalling.
option 1: Use NMM
option 2: Delete all the files added from the archivie.

- Upgrading -
. uninstall the old version
. install the new version

- Notes -
Sometimes you could see that your Perks are not like you have aspected. That's why your (Vanilla) Perks Page needs to be refreshed, so put down your Pipboy and reopen it, when you check your Perks Page again everything will be in the right place.

If for any reasons, you can't have the holotape, or you loose it, you can use ONE of these commands to get another copy:

player.additem ##000F99

setstage ##001ED1 10

Replace ## with the mod index of respecholotape.esp.
You can find the mod index next to the load order in MO or Vortex under plugins.
In Xedit it is the first two numbers of the FormID.

example: "1F" works with respecholotape.esp in "31" load order
player.additem 1F000F99

setstage 1F001ED1 10

Thanks delgathar for description tips

- Changelog -

. Fixed VANS bug (now you can remove it) 
. Fixed BobbleHead Bug (now Bobbleheads are handled correctly, allowing you to reach level 11 of your stats)
. Created a packed version of the mod, maybe this can solve the problems with missing files after installation

. Added support to new NukaWorld DLC Skills 
. Fixed an issue occuring while removing PainTrain Perk

. V.A.N.S. Rank 1 Forget option cannot be used anymore for unlimited Mind Points exploit
. PerksList Pages now display only Perks that can be changed, according to your SPECIAL values

. Fixed some S.P.E.C.I.A.L. editing issues.
. Bobbleheads will now be handled while lowering your stats.

. First Version