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A standalone mod that adds makeup for men in the character creation screen. No replacements of other face paints or tattoos!

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As of right now I have no intention of updating this mod, but I may work on it in the future.
I'm just too busy with RL things and its not my top priority. I apologize!

A standalone mod that adds makeup for men in the character creation screen. No replacements of other face paints or tattoos! You're free to mix and match as you please, just as you can with the vanilla makeup for women. This adds almost all of the makeup except for one eyeshadow and the lip makeups. I did my best to align them close to the originals, then added one subtler eyeliner from my private collection.

Makeup for Men is now included in LooksMenu Customization Compendium. Head over there if you want both.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that alters the human race record. (This doesn't mean hairs, custom bodies, or replacement textures! Those are compatible.)  CX - Colors Expanded is the only non-compendium/not patched mod that I know of.

I've made a patch for Character Custimzation and it is an optional file on the download page. (Not compatible with LooksMenu CC)

Character Custimzation is required if you want them both to work together. If not, there are no requirements.

How to install
1. Make sure you have the required mods installed first. (If you've chosen a patched version)
2. Choose an ESP. (Only ONE is needed! If you don't have the other mods installed, use the Standalone. If you have them, use the patch file instead.)
3. Use NMM or unpack into your data folder.
4. In your load order, make sure the ESP is below any other ESP that alters the human race record. (If you installed a patch version)

Recommended Mods
Character Custimzation - Non-Replacer Facepaints and Tattoos (Required for the patched version)
LooksMenu Customization Compedium (Includes MfM, you can download that instead, but it isn't compatible with CC)

Makeup For Men - Non-Replacer Standalone RUSSIAN

Vlits - For allowing me to create an upload a patch for their mod.

You cannot use my assets without permission. Use of patches also requires the permission of the authors of the required files. Please don't upload to another site, ask and I will do it for you.