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This mod improves the sounds of explosives with high quality audio from real explosions

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This mod aims to improve the overall sounds of most explosives in the game.
Currently it has effected the following:

- Frag Grenades
- Frag Mines
- Mini Nukes
- Molotovs (REMOVED)


1. Download & Open the .rar
2. Extract the ''data'' folder to your main fallout 4 directory located @ \Program Files (x86)\Fallout 4\
   (Or for V1.5 put the 'Sound' Folder in Fallout 4\data)
3. ?????
4. Profit


Video Showcase 

Heres an example In-Game

Comparison Video

Open to Suggestions & Feedback



- Replaced sounds for Frag Grenades at close range. These come without echo's for those who are using Reverb & Ambiance.


- Tweaked Volume of Frag Grenades at close range. You should now be able to hear the rest of the game slightly better when Michael Bay is at the scene.
- New audio layer for Frag Grenades at Close-Mid Range
- Replaced a sound for Mini-Nukes at long range because it sounded to weak.


- Fixed Frag sounds at close range not working properly


- Frag & Mine sounds at close range are now less loud.
- Molotov sounds have been removed


- Frag Grenades now sound louder at close range & more distant at longer ranges


- Molotov sounds adjusted to make it sound more realistic
- Adjusted some Frag Grenade sounds to make it sound louder in close range ( Still W.I.P)


- Frag Grenades now sound less loud.
- Added distant sounds for frag grenades
- Added distant sounds for Mini Nukes.
- Replaced 1 sound for molotovs because it sounded like a breaking window.