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Adds full Settlement Functionality to the unmarked cabin on the lake south-west of Sanctuary Hills.

Permissions and credits
A new Settlement, Lake Side Cabin, with full workshop/settlement
functionality south-west of Sanctuary Hills.

v2.5 of Lake Side Settlements is the latest version.

Please always download the newest version, I don't upload incremental updates, so any update has major fixes
that make Lake Side Cabin into the stand alone settlement it should be.

Please feel free to give suggestions on what you'd like to see Lake Side Cabin incorporate and to report any bugs you find.

Change Log v2.5:
  • Lake Side Cabin no longer conflicts with height restrictions on Abernathy, including Build High - Expanded Settlements.
  • Map Icon set to Not Yet Discovered.
  • Roaming cat has been removed due to conflicting with build area and animation markers in places where people are likely to build.
  • Merchant ownership removed from all items, including loot.
  • Map Marker moved slightly closer to the hut.
  • Settlement correctly registers first settler population count.
  • Hatch and merchant note removed.. for now.
  • .esp file renamed to LakeSideCabin.esp to match the Nexus page.

Change Log v2.0:
  • Trading routes!
  • Lake Side Cabin is now registered by game as a settlement.
  • Companions and other settlers now correctly be sent to Lake Side Cabin.
  • Lake Side Cabin map icon changed to Encampment.
  • Lake Side Cabin settlement icon now shows correct settler population and happiness.
  • Settlers now register food items correctly.
  • Settlement border is now representative of build area.
  • Static items removed such as planks, bathtub, lantern - Bridge and fences left were not altered.
  • All clutter can be scrapped.
  • Leveled trader removed from plot as this was causing issues with workshop.

Known Issues:
  • Some users have reported that a large crack appears around the pond as well as at the rear of the cell near where the basic begins. This appears to be a texture issue, and I have been unable to replicate it on my system. Please post in the bugs section if this issue persists and i'll try a different approach.

I have more content planned for this little project including a new area and will work on it as time permits.