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A simple mod that creates a bracket that can mount your currently equipped weapon to the wall.

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This simple mod creates a steel plate from the workshop that allows you to mount your currently equipped weapon to any wall, or other vertical surface, and create a weapon rack.  Simply open the workshop, go to Decorations-Wall- Misc, create and mount the steel plate.  Then exit the workshop and click on the plate.  Your equipped weapon will mount to the wall and the plate will dissappear.   Clicking on your weapon will retrieve your weapon, the plate will reappear.  the plate can be moved, once mounted if need be.

Please note-I highly recommend saving off before adding a rack/gun in case of an issue.

A special thanks to Wenderer who took a few minutes to share his wisdom and saved me days of frustration to make this work correctly.   

V4.0- For Version 4.0, there have been some major updates.  The racks no longer need to lock, if the weapon is put on the rack with the locked mode, it will just stay on the rack, settlers can not steal it.  If you click on the weapon once, it will move to your inventory, unless...

You have gone to a chemistry station and created the Rack Ring.   The Rack ring , when equipped will allow you to change two settings, whether settlers can steal from the brackets, and whether you can see the racks after mounting.  If you like it working the current way, (Locked racks, no rack after mounting) that is default, and you don't need the ring.

NOTE:  The weapon should use the settings for steal etc. when the weapon is mounted.  So for example you can mount several settlers guns first, and then change back to default and mount your prized weapons.  When the weapon is mounted so settlers cannot steal it, it gives a message of Bracket Locked.  When the weapon is mounted and settlers CAN steal, the message is Settlers Can Take.

I believe this is what I wanted to release originally.  I've tested this some, but as always please let me know if you find a repeatable bug.

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