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Ups Radiation Resistance to 1000 for the Hooded Cleanroom Suit, compatible with Armorsmith Extended.

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Does exactly as it says!  It seemed really silly to me that the Hazmat Suit provides such great protection from radiation but the Institute's Hooded Cleanroom Suit doesn't?  So I fixed it!  The Hooded Cleanroom Suit now has 1000 Radiation Resistance while maintaining the +2 Endurance Fortification it had before as well.  Note that the normal "un-helmeted" version is unchanged.  Only a fully "sealed" suit should offer that sort of protection after all!

This mod comes in three flavors (no DLCs required for any of them):

  • The first (and my primary reason for making this) is to be used with Armorsmith Extended.  By extention this also requires AWKCR
  • The second is for vanilla Fallout 4, with the only addition being 1000 rad resistance.
  • The third is a variant for the base game that you can also slap Ballistic Weave onto for some added protection.

This is my first published mod, so by all means, please let me know if there any issues, concerns, or suggestions you might have.