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Use a holotape found in Vault 111 to set Marks and Recall back to.

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- Mark & Recall -

This mod adds a holotape that allows you set up to 10 Marks which you can Recall back to from wherever you want. The holotape is located in Vault 111, under the Overseer's desk. See screenshot.

Uses? Well, for one, put a Mark at your house, settlement, or wherever you store everything. When you've become encumbered, leave another Mark where you are and Recall back home. Offload your stuff, then Recall back to where you were, ready to pick up another sh!tload o' stuff. For another, leave a Mark near a quest giver. When you've finished Recall back to them instantly to save time. Sad you've been told to get the hell out of someone's house, but you want to steal everything not nailed to the floor? Leave a Mark, and Recall back to it when they're not there. BWAHAHAHA

Update 1.3 adds portable storage now. There's containers for each category, (weapons, ammo, etc) and to use go into the menu and select a category. Wait a few seconds and exit the pipboy. The container menu will pop up after that.

1.4 adds portable commissaries (merchants) for weapons, armour, aid, junk and ammo. Each one has 4000 caps to barter with, and their inventories will respawn eventually. Also added the Move To page, which allows you to move to any settlement in the vanilla game.

If you can't be bothered going to v111 for the holotape and don't mind using the console, type help recall 4
Then look for Holotape - Mark & Recall, and use the additem command to add it.

Caveat: Probably not a good idea to Recall out of the Institute until you have the abililty to go back and forth there at will. (unless you leave a Mark there that is) And after killing Kellog in Fort Hagen, don't recall out until you've set off the Brotherhood airship scene. There may be other such places as well, so please be careful.

For F04 Hotkeys Users!!
You can use the FO4 Hotkeys mod to quickly access things like accessing the containers and merchant at the press of a single button, instead of bringing up the pipboy and going through a few menus. Here's how you do it. To access a remote container, type something like this:
C=05003d52.activate player

To activate one of the merchants, type something like this:


Obviously where "C" and "M" are, you can use whichever key you like. You will also need to know where this mod is in your load order to replace the first two numbers (the 05) with the mods load order number.

Here's the list of merchants and containers:

  • 05005426 - Weapon Merchant
  • 05005bce - Armor Merchant
  • 05005bd0 - Aid Merchant
  • 05005bd7 - Junk Merchant
  • 05005bd8 - Ammo Merchant
  • 05003d52 - Weapons Container
  • 05003d53 - Armor Container
  • 05003d53 - Aid Container
  • 05003d55 - Misc Container
  • 05003d56 - Junk Container
  • 05003d57 - Mods Container
  • 05003d58 - Ammo Container


Highly advise using NMM. Manually, pop the esp and BA2 files into your data folder, then activate with your choice of mod manager.
To uninstall just delete them.


Incompatibilities: None that I know of yet. There shouldn't be anyway. Bugs: None known.

As with all mods make a save first before adding. Not good practice to take out a mod that is established in a save if you don't like it.

Video of the mod in action. Thanks to LightNightt.