Fallout 4
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About this mod

This mod will add new additional mod slot for your power armor.

Permissions and credits
-Added PCM Holotape to enable optional options for Core Optimizer Kit (Automatically added on game load. If not just fast travel to another location)
-Added more feature.
-Some cleanup and remove DLC's requirement.

This mod will add new additional mod slot for your power armor. Craft at chemistry workbench (UTILITY).

Current Mod:-
1.Core Coolant - Reduce fusion core consumption, increase walking speed a little and underwater walking speed.

2.0 Optional Feature. Enable from PCM Holotape.

1.[NEW] Stealth System. - Become invisible while stealth.
2.[NEW] Life Support System - Enable medic pump effect + slowly regen HP while stealth
3.[NEW] Teleport Relay System - Enable teleport effect. No time consume while fast travel.
4.[NEW] Teleport Last Power Armor - Teleport last power armor with Core Optimizer Kit installed to you.
5.[NEW] Downward Thrusters - Enable Explosive impact on landing + bigger radius of impact.

- ALWAYS backup your save game before installing any mod.
- Uninstall old version first before update for safety.
- May or may not work with other mod that add additional slot to power armor.