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Expands when the Halloween and Christmas decorations show up in Diamond City. Halloween: 7 days before and after 10/31. Christmas: Entire month of December.

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Extended Diamond City Holidays

Not everyone realizes that Bethesda put in holiday decorations in Diamond City for Halloween and Christmas.  That is partly because those only trigger on exactly 10/31 and 12/25.  This mod expands that so the Halloween decorations show up 7 days prior to 10/31 and stay 7 days after 10/31.  Christmas decorations will show up the entire month of December.

With NMM: Download with Manager and activate.

Without NMM: Download the file.  Then use your favorite .7z, .zip, .rar program to extract the contents to your game \Data folder.  The mod requires 1 file: scripts\DmndHolidayHandlerScript.pex.
     ie: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\fallout 4\Data.
You must have ArchiveInvalidation enabled in your .ini files.


Technical Details/Compatibility
The edits are to a single obscure script that is only referenced for this exact purpose.  This mod does not alter the Diamond City cell or any other references or scripts.  It should be compatible with everything unless it modifies the Diamond City Holiday Handler script (DmndHolidayHandlerScript.pex).

Known Issues

Future Plans
If I get really ambitious, I might consider adding more holidays (Valentine's Day?, St. Patrick's Day?) but that would require creating new game objects (decorations) and that is outside of my wheelhouse.  At this point, all I did was modify the criteria for when existing objects created (and placed) by Bethesda show up.