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Adds Stargate's Ring Transporters, craftable at any settlement.

Permissions and credits
Ring Transporters
Settlement Fast Travel
This mod adds the ring transporters of Stargate to the Wasteland. Build one at any settlements you want.
Point-to-point teleporters, the Rings are capable of transporting to any other transporter. Yes, it should even work in settlements added by mods.
Using a Terminal wired to the same power grid, you'll be able to select your destination, and activate the rings. Activating the rings has a 5 second delay.
NEW IN 2.0 - Directly activate the platform to automatically select the next-in-network destination.

Where is it?
In your settlement menu. Under Power -> Misc.

Version History
1.0 - Initial Release
2.0 - Ori Variant, (temp) Teleport Effect, Script edits and improvements.
2.1 - Ori Variant mesh edits (can now sink into the ground slightly, power connector on an edge) and a non-foundation normal variant.
2.2 - Control Terminal Changes, now uses a global value, making the selection system a lot more consistent.
3.0 - Ori variant has it's own icon in the menu now, made the normal version snap ontop of any floor. Added a variant for the new Vault Workshop dlc that uses said DLC's floor-transmitted power and will only appear if you have the DLC. Reduced Power usage to 24

Known Issues
-First time using a connected terminal, it will display <Token.Name=RingTarget> instead of the target platform's location. This will fix itself when you select a destination. I *could* fix it so it doesn't display that, but then you wouldn't see the target destination if you leave the terminal and come back. I decided it was better to show the token once, then to not show the previously selected destination. That should be fixed.

Based off of, and inspired by MGM's Stargate franchise.
Uses assets from the Carter Addon Pack which were released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.