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Set your HUD up the way you want to.

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Set your HUD up the way you want to.  There is also an optional file to remove the help button from the scope, the one that tells you what button to press to hold your breath.


  • -choice of 3 different crosshairs. (Dynamic, fixed, and dot only when aiming in 3rd person)
  • -choice to remove compass markers. (leaves quest and special ones like PA, dogmeat/companion)
  • -choice of compass on top or bottom.
  • -choice of enemy health bars or not. (removes names and health bar in regular view, leaves health bar in vats so you can tell if NPC is hostile)
  • -choice of enemy blips in compass or not. (works also in power armor)
  • -choice of hit markers or not.
  • -choice of visable sneak meter or not.
  • -Most elements resized and moved away from center of the screen, some made smaller, some larger.
  • -help text in scope removed or not.
  • -installer, NMM recomended.
  • -Added read me file that will help with manual installation.
  • -Changed fixed crosshair to a dot, actually 4 dots that look like one.
  • -Tweaked various elements for scaling and placement, thank you to all that gave feedback and suggestions.
  • -Changed FPS of Flash to 60FPS, this will help mouse lag when a mouse courser is visable. I did all of my other menus and it helps. Bethesda made all the menus 30 FPS.

Compatible with:

To do list:
  • Make an installer..............................done
  • Shrink some of the HUD elements...........done
  • Make a video for version 3.0.................done
  • Make a Virtual Reality version
  • Make a 21:9 aspect ratio version

Future Plans:
  • Make a sneak meter that is an eyeball.
  • Keyboard input to turn select HUD elements on and off. Gopher is going to make Immersive HUD for Fallout 4

Version 3.0, Thanks Gopher                                                                                                         3.0 thanks Jake

video is version 1.0 new video coming soon

Special thanks to Ohrmus for teaching me how to mod the new UI.

Tools used:

  • JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler
  • Sothink SWF Decompiler
  • Adobe Flash Professional CC
  • RABCDAsm
  • Notepad ++

Donators: Thank you (if you don't want your name on here please let me know)

My other Fallout 4 mods:

10/10 for version 3, My Hud FO4 = an Immersive HUD as far as I'm concerned, best you will find on the Nex or anywhere else. The sizes are perfect, everything still there that needs to be, yet unobtrusive, who needs to see those huge "You have Taken Radiation Poisoning" type of things we all know what they are saying the sizes are perfect IMO.

For those who liked DARN UI from earlier Beth Games there are things here you will appreciate, smaller health bars, compass? a neat crosshair, everything is just tidier and less immersion breaking.

Finally FO4 has completely lost that clumpy oversized type of HUD Beth always dumps on us, luckily someone always fixes it for us, BW
Your mod was the best UI mod out there as far I was concerned. Yet V 3 took it to another higher level.
I love this MOD sooo much. Its totally changed my game making it more exciting and challenging. Thank you so much for your hard work and passion. Its noticed.