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Adds 220 total wigs of select styles from Commonwealth Cuts with 10 different shades found in Zella's Hair Dye Collection.

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Want to swap styles of a multitude of colors between yourself and your followers and settlers? Well now you can with Zella's Dyed Wigs! This mod add 220 different wigs that will work on male or female!

This mod was made with consoles in mind, as Bethesda made it so new face textures and hair colors don't work... So I went and manually copy-pasted a crap ton of entries so that people could enjoy awesome colors, or easily give settlers and followers new 'dos. There is no long CTD when dropping, thanks to Femshepping! The bald glitch should also happen less.
XBox Link Here!

Now including an option for "natural colored" hair. The names will remain the same (way too much work to change them) but the original colors will be replaced with the new ones.

Adonis, Butterfly139, Cressida, Da Bomb, Edge, Faux, Flying Dance, Heaventide, Kaysa, Lovesick, Metropolis Alt, Obscura, Sanctuary, Searching, Sky188, Sky262, Sparks, Thorn Birds, Vapor, Venus, Vivacity, Zombrex
Amethyst, Bleached, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Lavender, Midnight, Orange, Red, Soft Pink, Teal (Dark)
Natural hair shades (see images)

In my special box by John's barber shop in Diamond City.

When putting the styles on settlers or followers, or when first trying on, the wig may show up invisible/bald. Simply save after putting the wig on, go to main menu and then back, and the hair should show up as intended. Bug has been fixed.
✸Some of the ends of the longer hairs twitch around when you're standing still.
✸The female hair and male hair were fitted for female/male. So some hairs may show bald patches or not fit quite right if you put them on the gender not intended.
✸Putting too many wigs on settlers may slow load time.

Hairstyles are from Commonwealth Cuts, in which me and imAarwyn ported hairstyles from Skyrim's KSHairdos. 
Colors are from my mod Zella's Hair Dye Collection.
Big thank you to Ascendia for helping me get this to work!
Femshepping for the GO mesh fixes and integration.

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