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Easily editable comics, books and perk posters.

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Easily editable comics, books and perk posters.
Version 1.1

By Steven Mannion

I made this so that I could create my own custom comics or themed sets, but in a way that doesn't break the immersion in the game,
or mean I have to fully edit the covers each time I want to try new artwork.

All of the folders and filenames have the same structure as those in the game, so nothing needs to be changed. Simply save the files as .DDS then copy the texture folder to:

(YOURSTEAMLIBRARY)\common\Fallout 4\Data

Each item has (close to) the original title and damage in place, but all images have been removed and replaced with a transparent layer. 
For old paper images, a semi-transparent layer has been used, so dirt will still show up over whichever image you use.

All you need to do is add your own image to the empty layer and save the file as .DDS

Thumbnails (one image per title, just to give an idea of how they look) and tutorial images are included.

There are two copies of each comic, one hi-res and one low-res in their corresponding folders.
You need to edit both, or just reduce the hi-res-file by 50% and save it over the low-res copy.

The resolution of this set is double the original image size. If you have a slower system/less VRAM - I would reccommend
reducing the size of the images to their original size.

Note: Although the requirements state that DLC is needed to use this file, that is not actually the case. If you do not have the
DLC then the resources from whichever DLC is missing will not be available in the game. 

Version History:

Added updated readme & info.txt
Added tutorial images and simpler sample image.
Added 'Silver Shroud Calling Card'
Added 'Wasteland Survival Guide' covers.
Added 'You're SPECIAL' cover (Thanks to LeFlemard for the tip)
Added 'Islanders Almanac' covers.
Added 'Mechanist Drawings'
Added low resolution comic covers. Makes the download bigger, but people might find it more convenient to work that way.

Added 'Perk Poster' artwork.
Added 'Awesome Tales' covers.
Added 'Grognak' covers.
Added 'Guns and Bullets' covers.
Added 'Hot Rodder' covers.
Added 'La Coiffe' covers.
Added 'Live and Love' covers.
Added 'Massachusetts Surgical Journal' covers.
Added 'Picket Fences' covers.
Added 'Robco Fun' covers.
Added 'Taboo Tattoos' covers.
Added 'Tales of Junktown' covers.
Added 'Tesla' covers.
Added 'Total Hack' covers.
Added 'Tumblers Today' covers.
Added 'Unstoppables' covers.
Added 'US Covert Ops' covers.
Added misc artwork. See folders for details.
Added basic readme.
Added sample images.

Credit to Bethesda for the original work without which none of this would have been possible.