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A reusable way of calling in your Vertibird! Kiss Those Signal Flares Goodbye!

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So I was watching Gopher's Let's Play of Fallout 4 and he came across a problem that a lot us immersive, non-fast-travel Role Players run into: Using Faction Vertibirds as a pseudo-fast-travel can be frustrating when you are worried about managing your signal flares. Do I have enough? Can I spare to use one for a short distance flight? Will I waste one if my Vertibird cannot land here? Does the vendor have more in stock? Well, all of those worries can be put to rest! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the Vertibird Beacon!

What it does: This mod adds an item called the Vertibird Beacon to your inventory, allowing you to call in Vertibirds at the push of a button! Need a lift? Just give your faction pilot a call and they'll be there in a jiffy! The Vertibird Beacon has several advantages over your traditional Signal Flares:

  • The Vertibird Beacon is a small, portable radio device! It weighs less than a single Vertibird Signal Flare, and you only have to carry one! Not a flare for each one way trip!
  • Vertibird Signal Flares are grenades! They can even inadvertently damage settlement structures or yourself! The Vertibird Beacon will never hurt you or your nice things!
  • The Vertibird Beacon is in the AID tab and doesn't occupy the equipped grenade slot! You no longer have to swap out your equipped lethal grenades to call in your ride! And with Favorites Hotkeys, it's as easy as the push of a button!

How to get it: Once you've progressed far enough through the main questline, your faction will make Vertibird Signal Grenades available to you. Grab a handful of them and head over to your nearest Chemistry Crafting Station. The recipe can be found under the Grenades tab and is:

  • Science Perk: level 1 or greater
  • 1 Aluminum
  • 1 Circuitry
  • 2 Copper
  • 3 Vertibird Signal Grenades

Once the item is crafted, you'll find it in your AID tab, and the Vertibird Beacon can be assigned to a Favorites Hotkey.

The beacon utilizes the same script as the Vertibird Signal Grenades. As such, Vertibirds can only be called in at sensible Exterior locations, and only one Vertibird can be called in at a time. The Vertibird Beacon will not function if you haven't progressed through the main questline far enough (when a Vertibird is available to you).

Installation: If I've done this right, NMM can take care of installation for you. Otherwise, simply extract the .rar's contents to your Data folder.

Saddle up Sky Captain! Time to fly the not so friendly skies!

Update: At the request of users, a compatible plugin has been made for those using the Minutemen Overhaul mod. A craftable Vertibird Beacon has been added for the blue vertibirds specific to the faction. The recipe can be found at the Chem Station under grenades and is the same as the normal Beacon, but instead uses MO's mod specific "Minutemen Vertibird Signal Grenades." The download for this plugin can be found under optional files and does not require the main file. Enjoy your new beacon, General!

Breaking News! This mod made it into one of Gopher's Mod Vaults! Thanks to Gopher and everyone else who helped make this possible!