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Beautiful, realistic HD Retextures for the Commonwealth Fish and the Far Harbor DLC Fish species.

Choose one of the two versions of the Fallout4 base game fish > healthy or unhealthy irradiated looking

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Realistic Retextures for all Fallout4 Fish!

Choose either the healthy or unhealty version of the Commonwealth Fish!
(check out the comparison pics)

The Far Harbor Fish textures are included in both files - even if you don't have the DLC so far you can use this mod without any problems!
(and as soon as you install the DLC the Retextures will show up for the Mackerel and Haddock in your game too.)

I hope you'll enjoy your new realistic fish ingame (and become aware that they are in a lot of locations, not just on the shore).
When you take screenshots of them it would be great if you add them here on the mod page
> I want to see how they look in your game + with the Reshade/ENB that you use! :)

Use the NMM! If you want to install it manually, just download and unzip the file,
then drag the data folder into your main Fallout4 directory.
If you need help and more info about FO4 Mod Installation then follow this >>>link<<<

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