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Takes the T-49 - Armor of the Storyteller and gives you more options.

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The White Death Vision ability, the pink cloud around living objects, is now a separate Helmet modification in it's own category, so you can still get any of the regular helmet misc modifications. It requires the full White Death paint job. Another special category modification only shows the cloud when you have a weapon out.
The full set of T-49 Power Armor is located on the power armor frame north west of Vault 111. This mod does not touch Red Rocket or Sanctuary so you don't have to worry about mod conflicts.

Institute paint job increases intelligence, but requires you to be in the Institute faction.
Railroad does the same but with perception.

Five different headlamps are available. Unfortunately they are just copies of the T45 headlamps, so they don't match aesthetically but it is functional. I'd be majorly impressed if someone could modify the Vault Boy lamp to look like EDNA (an eyebot character from the Storyteller).

The original T-49 mod modified Cait and Danse, I don't know why, I deleted them because it seems appropriate to me, but I may be wrong.

This replaces the original T-49 esp file.

v1.01 There is a bug in the original mode of a missing environment map texture which can cause parts of the face of the desert recon helmet to turn purple for some people. If you haven't seen this bug, then you don't need to bother updating. This bug was fixed by the nexus user Grecoor.
v1.1 Added a version with an eyebot Gobos ( replaces vaultboy lamp ) Took Awrethiens suggestion to look at Yukichigai's Targeting HUD and Berry Mentats Enhanced mod to make a version of the white death vision modification that only works when your weapon is out.