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Bring the Player not the Perks. This mod overhauls the Locksmith perk and its benefits.

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This mod changes the Locksmith perk and puts the burden of success on the player's skill in lockpicking instead of requiring perks in order to attempt harder locks. Only the first rank in Locksmith is required to attempt Advanced through Master locks. Additionally, taking more ranks in Locksmith rewards the player with bonus increases in the size of the "sweet spot". Furthermore, bobby pins will now wear down depending on the complexity of the lock, i.e. a Master lock will wear down your bobby pin at vanilla levels, but a Novice lock will not wear down your bobby pin as fast.

FRAGO_001: Added a variation on the mod concept with all the locks' level reading as simply "LOCKED" to the player. What's life without a little mystery?

FRAGO_002: Small correction to the dialogue for both files: Player will still emote with proper dialogue to all locks (except Novice-level) if the first rank in Locksmith has not been taken.

FRAGO_003: Now shared with our XB1 brethren! Player Lockpicking for XB1 at Bethesda.net

Install ONE of the files via NMM, or copy the PlayerLockpicking.esp from the file of your choice to your Fallout 4's Data folder.

Uninstall via NMM, or delete PlayerLockpicking.esp from your Fallout 4's Data folder.


2.0     Corrected dialogue error and added an optional file that hides all the lock level names.
1.0     Initial Release

This was directly inspired by zilav's Player Hacking.
Many thanks to Ghostwalker71 for the idea to hide the lock level names.
Made with the Creation Kit.