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Adds extra turrets and more concentrated guard patrols around Diamond City.

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Where are Goodneighbor's defenses? Well in my other mod.. Goodfellow's Goodneighbor Defences

Diamond City's defenses are now stronger and tighter. More turrets have been placed around the area, four high raised turrets now solely protect the outside edges of the stadium rather than risking guards to unstable areas. Guard patrols which existed in these areas are now focused around the otherside of the stadium so its more secure.

The mod just really concentrates guard patrols to make them more effective and gives up no-mans land in place of turrets so that pointless lives are not wasted.

I also moved and boarded up the area where a guard used to rest on the outer side of the stadium and moved it into the new secure alleyway.

Some guard are also tougher as well so they will stand up against the Super Mutants in the building.