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Tired of your Gatling Laser reloading half empty Fusion Cores and cluttering your inventory or weighing you down in Survival Mode. Well this mod fixes that. Now the Gatling Laser will use the entire Fusion Core and for whatever reason, if you need to reload the fusion core for another, you can do so like normal.

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This mod fixes the problem with the Gatling Laser reloading half-empty Fusion Cores, which is a real pain and even bigger pain in Survival Mode. The problem was that the Gatling Laser's ammo capacity is 500 and that's fine for normal Fusion Cores because they offer 500 shots, but once you add the Bobblehead and Nuclear Physicist perks then the Fusion Cores offer 1100 shots for the Gatling Laser. So when a 1100 shot Fusion Core is loaded into a 500 capacity Gatling Laser and its shoots 500 shots, it reloads that Core and puts it back into the inventory with 600 shots left. This mod changes the Gatling Laser's ammo capacity to be 2000 instead of 500 which should fix the problem. This is also lore friendly as a full Fusion Core is loaded into the Gatling Laser with a 100/100 durability, meaning that the Fusion Core is the Gatling Laser's ammo capacity and the Gatling Laser should get the full 1100 shots in a clip.

If you like this mod, give it an endorsement and perhaps check out one of my other mods down below. I put hard work into my mods so Fallout 4 can feel more alive.

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