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Adds the Dragunov Sniper Rifle to the game, with modifications, custom models and textures.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds a Dragunov Sniper Rifle to the game. This weapon is fully customizable, with mods included:

- Four different receivers (Wooden, and three tactical ones).
- Three tactical stocks.
- Two wooden stocks.
- A suppressor.
- Three scopes.
- One bipod.
- New ammo.

All the modifications have new custom models with custom textures made in Maya, 3ds Max and Substance Painter. I'm no professional on about weapons, so there might be kind of errors on about lenght or whatever with the scopes or stocks, I'm just doing my best on recreating this weapon I loved in S.T.A.L.K.E.R in Fallout 4. I -won't- redo the main model.

If you find any errors, please let me know :)


Just download the file and drop the .esp and the three folders into the data folder. Then load it inside Fallout 4.

You see there are two files in the download tab. Download the main one. The other file is for if you want the weapon without much rust, just textures. To install the Less Rust option first install the main, and then drop the textures folder inside the Less Rust.rar to the data folder.

How to get the weapon?

It drops from the raiders, but you can buy it from vendors like the one in the Prydwen. The ammo also drops from the raiders and can be bought. You can aswell spawn it using the console and writting:

For the weapon: "help dragunov 4"
For the ammo: "help 762 4"

Then add it to your inventory using the commands.


This mod should be compatible with anything. With the exception of the Leveled Lists. As this mod was added to the leveled lists of the raiders and vendors, any other mod that edits them will most likely not work properly with this one. So it may require a patch for that.


If you want to use this mod in your own mod, let me know in a private message. If you've done a patch or some addon for this mod, let me know aswell so I can see it and post a link here! Same for videos!

Change Log:

1.2: Changed where the bipod and suppressor are attached to the weapon. Shouldn't notice changes from the 1.0.
1.1: Animations changed from Hunting Rifle to Combat Rifle. Now the weapon should be working more as a semi automatic weapon. Though still, reloading won't look very good, as there are no animations in Fallout 4 yet for this. Magazine capacity has been changed to 10. Weapon should be less thin.
1.0: First release. Models and textures in. All should be working properly.

Thanks, credits, tools used:

- ZunaSW/ZunaRoath: models, textures and import into the game.
- Bethesda: Fallout 4 and Creation Kit.
- Substance Painter.
- Maya.
- 3ds Max.
- NifSkope.
- Photoshop.

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