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Shei is a mutated wolf ally that can be used in addition to any other followers, including dogmeat. She is fully functional as a companion - can be given commands, fights, follows and so on. Shei is great in a fight (but not OP) and improves health and damage as she levels with the player. She can use cosmetic (and functional) items created at t

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Shei - Wolf Ally 2.1.1

Shei (I pronouce as "shay") is a mutated wolf ally that can be used in addition to any other followers, including dogmeat.  She is fully functional as a companion - can be given commands, fights, follows and so on.  Shei is great in a fight (but not OP) and improves health and damage as she levels with the player.  She can Frenzy in combat, improving damage and resistance for a short time.  She's also able to use her own dog treats, that you can create, to restore her health in combat.

She can use cosmetic (and functional) items created at the Chemistry station, from Armor to Accessories to New Skins and much more.  You can also build utility items for her, such as a dog whistle, dog toy and health-restoring treats.


Far Harbor Expansion for Fallout 4, no exceptions.
Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) for Fallout 4.


Just across the bridge as you exit Sanctuary, going towards Red Rocket.  You should be able to simply talk to her and ask her to come along with you.


  • Can be used IN ADDITION to any other follower(s), including Dogmeat.
  • Can be issued commands, can trade and equip armor just like other companions.
  • Fully Combat Capable.  Strong ally but not overpowered.
    • Custom combat package and tweaks.
    • Improves health and damage as she levels.
      • Additional 20 health every 10 levels, up to level 50.
      • Additional 5 damage every 10 levels, up to level 50.
    • You can set her to stay with you (close, medium or far away) or set her to seek and destroy any enemies that she
    • detects.
    • Ignores friendly fire, does not break stealth, can be stimpaked in combat.
    • Can eat Treats during combat if low on health.
      • Her specific treats are created by you at the Chem or Cooking station.  Requires 2 Squirrel Bits per treat.
      • You can turn off Treat use or customize the health threshold in the MCM.
      • To get you started, Squirrel Bits can be found in a lockbox on a chair, just outside of Sanctuary toward Red Rocket, after the bridge.
    • Can go into a Frenzy during a fight when hurt.  Frenzy raises her damage by an additional 16 point and damage resistance by 24 points.  It lasts for 12 seconds and has a 6 second cooldown.  You can set it up in the  MCM.
  • Tweaked Companion Features.
    • You can set her distance to follow you (close, medium or far) in the MCM.
    • Will move to you and stay close if you stop moving or are sneaking.
    • Stands still in Workshop mode.
    • Customized sandbox system that you can set up in the MCM.
    • Can do a Catch-Up Warp if far away from the player.
    • Fully "voiced" with barks and growls.
      • Can idle bark and growl.  You can set options in the MCM.
    • Benefits from Inspiration, Attack Dog, Awesome Tales and Live and Love Perks.
    • Occasionally digs for treasures and brings them to the player.
    • Miscellaenous Tweaks: Can board vertibird with player, can set to take no fall damage, can track her location as a
    • quest.
  • You can build many items for Shei at the Chemistry station under the Shei category.  Some items require Armorer and/or
  • Science.
    • Several Skin Dyes: Black, White, Red or Glowing (Green, Blue, Pink, Purple and Red).
    • Light, Medium and Heavy dog armor.  Has defense bonuses, allows misc mods and railroad weave.
    • Booster Skin Patches - adhesive tech patches that will allow you to customize Shei's performance.  4 ranks of damage or defense rating, 3 ranks of enhanced movement speed.  Not consumed on use.  Only one can be used at  a time.  Requires 1 to 4 Science.
    • Welding, Wraparound and Road Goggles (cosmetic only).
    • A variety of interesting hats - Bowler, Militia, Minuteman and Tricorn (Cosmetic).
    • Muzzle or Metal Helmet.  Has defense bonuses.
    • Bandanas or Dog Collars.  Have minor defense bonuses.
    • Dog Whistle - Utility item, calls Shei to you instantly, even if not currently an ally or in combat (teleport item).  Not expended on use.
    • Dog Rattle Toy - Utility item, can issue commands to Shei even if she's not in view.  Must be recruited.  Not expended on use.
    • Afformentioned Treats for combat self-healing.  You can eat them yourself but they don't have as much nutritional value to humans.
  • You can send Shei to one of your Settlements upon dismissal.  You cannot command/move Shei at a settlement.  Currently, you will need to recruit then dismiss her.


  • Wearable dog items refitted using Outfit Studio.  May be loose or clip in spots.
  • Rattle Toy commands still require you to press the action button.
  • Whistle may not remove Shei from combat (so she takes off after prey again).  Useful if you lose her or she is stuck.
  • There is no pickup quest.- Will add more "dialog options" over time.
  • Shei will glitch at times when moving (twirls at an angle for a second), this is a bug in the original model from Bethesda.  I've corrected some issues with it, so hopefully will happen less.
  • She will likely follow you to places that she is not supposed to - The Institute, Memory Lounger, etc.  This is an outstanding issue.  If she stays in a bugged, downed state, try to use the Whistle on her.
  • There are ongoing improvements being made to Shei, please be patient.
  • Not romanceable, sorry!

Tools Used:

Shei is offered AS IS.  She will likely get improved over time.  Not interested in changing her to different canines/deathclaws/etc.  Not adding her to the standard follower/settler system.