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vendors have mods, titel sais it all. and raiders and gunners too. and automatron and far harbor support.

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this mod is effectively dead. it should work perfectly fine, but unless something significant changes i won't be updating it anymore. stopped playing Fallout 4 and all that.

Ever questioned why vendors don't sell mods while they talk about selling mods? Well wonder no longer for i have the answer: Bethesda is retarded. but i also have the solution.

Vendors have Mods

Version 2.0 is out. now with far harbor and some weapons i forgot

This mod adds all weapon and armor mods too workshop vendors, Arturo Rodriguez, Ronnie Shaw and Teagan. It also adds a lot of weapon mods to raiders and gunners. No longer do you need crafting perks or drag a ton of weapons back to a workbench to take the mods off.

Automatron DLC:
Weapon vendors will sell weapon mods, armor vendors will sell armor and parts. automatrons final vendor sell a TON of mods, rust devils also carry weapons.

Far Harbor DLC:
Vendors sell the new weapon and armor mods, and the vendors on the island sell mods. sadly trappers don't drop mods yet. (if anyone finds a leveled list only they use to add it too it will take me 2 seconds to add)

vendors only version:
this just adds the mods to vendors and not to random raiders and gunners.

2.0: Install like any other mod.
1.0: For only the main game only use VMW.esp. For automatron use VMW, VMW_DLC1 and VMW+DLC1_patch.esp.


Plans for the future:
Remake the entire thing because like you could probably already see with the patch this hasn't been made in a brilliant way. i also had a file for far harbor, but that didn't work. in the 2.0 version it will be all DLC in one file. this will also include more vendors and PA mods, but since i saw that this version wouldn't really work i placed that further down the line.(version 2.0)
-change how some leveled list are build up for potentially giving a better spread of robot parts.(version 2.01)
-a console port. the only version that might not kill your machine. i'll post a link here once it is out. any other version of this on bethesda.net if stolen.
-After that I'll also try and add the second part of what i planned for this mod. the full name will be: Vendors have Mods and Workshop items (VMW). i was planning on also adding all workshop items that need skills to build to the vendors. wondering how i should do this. are people OK with a new recipe for all items that use caps instead of components, one caps for skill required items or does it have to be sold add vendors? http://www.strawpoll.me/10516523 

feadback I would like:
does it work or did you run into problems? what vendors should have what mods? do vendors or NPCs have to many or to few mods? to many of one sort? do you think i missed anything?