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A Cheat Engine table (.ct) file (and now a F4SE plugin too!)...to improve the workshop experience

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Place In Red - Reborn

A Cheat Engine table (.ct) file that controls workshop functionality which would be difficult or impossible to control via traditional modding (.esp/.esm). See below for a full list features. You must have Cheat Engine installed to use this.

Optional files:  As of May 2024, a F4SE .dll plugin is also available in the optional downloads tab. The goal of this plugin is to match the functionality provided by the cheat table.

  • Toggles place in red allowing you to build/place anywhere in workshop bounds. Once built you can move an object out of the workshop but it's not recommended for many reasons.
  • Allows moving of yellow (scrap only) objects. 
  • Changes the red & yellow objects to green (or whatever your hud color is) to reduce confusion.
  •  ^ If a selected object is solid green that means you could place it there even without this mod. If it's outlined green that means it would be red if you didn't have the mod.
  • Disables the 5 second timeout when leaving workshop bounds
  • Toggle object snapping on/off - objects like concrete walls no longer automatically snap to each other
  • Disables ground snap - objects no longer snap to the ground. Be sure F1 is enabled if you use this, otherwise the object will always be red.
  • Slow object rotation and zoom speed (10x slower) to allow precision placement.
  • Resets settlement size to 0 and keeps it there.
  • Build or store at least 1 object for the value to stay. If you close workshop mode without doing so the original value will return for that settlement).
  • Disable outlines - disables ALL coloring/highlighting of objects. You must switch the object shown on your screen (if any) for this to take effect.

[] Enable achievements with mods
  • Allows you to earn achievements if you have mods loaded, and untags your save file as modded when you save.
  • Full credit goes to UnlimitedSurvivalMode for the idea and memory addresses.

[] ConsoleNameFix 

How to use:
1. Download and install Cheat Engine. You must use Cheat Engine 7.5 or higher.
2. Download the mod, unzip, and run the .ct file
3. Attach Cheat Engine to Fallout4.exe (CTRL+P and select Fallout4.exe). Minimize Cheat Engine or move it to another monitor.
4. You can now toggle the hotkeys in game. If the box gets marked with  [X], it worked!

Q: Why Cheat Engine? Why not just use F4SE/Place Everywhere?
A: Some people prefer the Cheat Engine approach, or can't use F4SE/Place Everywhere for their own reasons... and suggested this mod be kept alive. Place Everywhere is also a good mod and has more features so I highly recommend you try it as well and see which better suits your needs. I try to update this table as soon as new patches come out (beta or live), so it is also good to use while you're waiting for F4SE/Place Everywhere to update.

Q: It doesn't work! Why?
A: I recently added a diagnostics check to the cheat table. When you click the first box in the cheat table, a message will come up that might let you know what's wrong. Be sure Cheat Engine is running as an administrator (right click, run as administrator).

Q: Can you implement feature X in to the table?
A: Sure...maybe! Let me know your ideas and I'll see if I can do it (and if it would go well with this Cheat Table).