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Explore a small science equipment shop in Lexington, and unravel it's hidden secrets.

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Just across the street from the Red Rocket Truck Stop in Lexington you'll now find a new specialist shop that sells and sends lab equipment to all the exciting science labs and facilities of the Commonwealth. Unfortunately though it seems that the shop, - entitled Scientific Needs, as well as it's owners, have all seen better days...

Also, it might appear that the shop above was mostly a cover up for some lab of sorts beneath it...who knows what went on down there?

Lexington Labs is a medium sized dungeon mod that adds two new interior cells to the Commonwealth. It is basically made as a stumble-upon location with some dungeon exploration and gameplay. There's no quest attached to this mod, but there will be some small backstories and quite a few things to discover. Hopefully it'll all be entertaining enough, but I do not expect the Pulitzer price for any of the backstories...

I've aimed to get the dungeon relatively close to vanilla when it comes to loot, difficulty and clutter. It steps up a bit in difficulty towards the end, but if it's too hard for you remember you can always make a cowardly escape, and return later when you're properly prepared for the future (and the present).

Both interiors have been navmeshed and optimalized with roombounds.
This mod requires no DLC.

This mod edits Lexington ext -10,9, and is probably incompatible with other mods who do the same.

Porter Hause made a mod review featuring Lexington Labs (from 5.31):

I'm always open for constructive criticism, so if you have any opinions on it, good or bad, feel free to leave a comment.